What happens when you use Crisco instead of butter in cookies?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you use Crisco instead of butter in your favorite cookie recipe? I have, but am always freaked out to get an unexpected result when all I want is a cookie. (I’m picky – they must be unpuffy, dense, yummy cookies for me!)
The other night, I started making my favorite chocolate chip cookies and realized I didn’t have enough butter to complete the job. But I DID have an unopened stick of butter-flavored shortening.
I followed the butter for shortening substitution from the Crisco container. It says to substitute one stick of shortening plus two tablespoons of water for each stick of butter the recipe calls for.
Here’s what happened.
The cookies turned out great and the recipe worked, but the result was a little different.
As they were baking, I noticed they seemed to spread out more in the oven – I wished I had set them farther apart on the cookie tray! Fresh out of the oven, they had a bit of an artificial butter flavor. The day after and beyond, they actually tasted better than the natural butter-based cookies.
The takeaway?
Crisco for butter substitutions are fine for cookies in a pinch and would probably even be better for certain situations. Like if if you are planning to ship cookies, make well ahead of time, or if you need them to fill out a pan like when you are making a giant cookie cake or cookie pizza. They store better flavor-wise, but were crumblier than my regular recipe. Next time, I may try to use a bit less Crisco in the substitution and see if the cookies hold together better. How have your recipes turned out substituting Crisco instead of butter?


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