How To Make A Vision Board

Example of a finished vision board
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Types of Vision Boards When To Use A Vision Board
How To Make A Vision Board Examples of Vision Board


Why A Vision Board?

Every year about this time (right before the New Year) I try to take a
time to reflect on all the good from the year that is wrapping up
and start planning my goals and dreams for the upcoming year. If you
believe in the Law Of Attraction, (or even if you don’t!) a vision
board (also called a dream board) is a wonderful
way to get clear on what you want, and also to help make it a
reality. The concept is simple…cut out pictures, sketches, images,
words, and anything else that visually represents what you want or what
you are emotionally drawn to and glue them to a piece of cardboard or a bulletin
board. People don’t really know how or why vision boards work, but believe me, somehow
they just do. I am always surprised when I go through this process and
come to find months later that the “visions” I had put on paper had
magically come true, and often in ways I didn’t expect. Even if you aren’t bought in to the ideas of
positive visualization or the law of attraction, creating a vision board is a really fun,
inexpensive craft idea for a quiet afternoon. Think of it as a giant
scrapbook layout!

An Example Of A Free Form Vision Board
Vision Board – Image Courtesy of bmevans80 on Flickr

Types Of Vision Boards

Sometimes you know exactly what you want and will want to create a vision board that just displays it as one unified idea. Other times you might have a general idea of what you want but can’t quite put it all together. In this case, a well made Vision
Board can help you gain clarity on your goals. You will start your
vision board by deciding if it is one that will visually represent
something you know you want or if it is to help you discover what you
really want based on what pictures you have an emotional reaction to.

When A Vision Board Can Help:

  • When creating New Year’s Resolutions
  • To find hope when you are feeling sad or lost
  • When you are starting a business or other new venture
  • If you are trying to identify the perfect career
  • When you are searching for a new house, car, boyfriend, pet, or other
    physical thing
  • As a team building exercise to develop a clear team goal or culture

How To Make A Vision Board

There are tons of books, guides, and resources to help you learn to create your perfect dream or vision boards, but in this tutorial, we will keep it simple. I have included more reading on the subject at the bottom of this tutorial if you would like to learn more. Here is what you will need to get started.

Craft Supplies:
Cardboard or other large sturdy backing for your vision board. You can get creative here and use folders and even show boxes for this.
Lots of magazines, photos, etc.
Pentel Arts Markers and gel pens (My Favorite!), glitter, rub-on or stick on vinyl words, and
other art supplies (this is optional, but I think glitter adds a little
something special to the process!)
Craft glue or glue sticks

Making Your Vision Board:

First, gather any and all pictures, words, and other visual things that you have an emotional pull toward. Anything that causes you to catch your breath and say “Ah, I just LOVE that” or “That makes me so happy” is a good image to cut out. For now, just rip or cut these out and set them aside – don’t worry too much about the size or composition of these elements. You will fit them together in a bit.

Next get out what you chose for your backing (poster board, a folder, and old box, etc.) and begin to place all of your images on the board. Place them on the board for now…you will find that some images naturally go together and will want to move things around a bit before you glue.

Once all of your images and photos are in the places that look right to you, apply a little glue to the back of each and secure them.

Next, add embellishments as you wish. I like for my vision boards to be colorful and fun so I add glitter, drawings, stickers, etc.

Using Your Vision Board:

Vision Board experts have different takes on this… Some say to put your vision board in a place where you will see it everyday to help you visualize your dreams and goals more clearly, helping retrain the hidden “scripts” in your mind that guide your behavior.  This is more akin to traditional positive visualization techniques.  Law of attraction enthusiasts might suggest you create your vision board and let the fact that you “put it out there” do the work. My take on it is a mix between the two…Because some things on a powerful vision board will be pretty personal, I am a believer in putting it up on a wall that you see everyday, but hiding the elements you want to keep close to your heart (see the eHow video link below on creating a vision board with secret elements.)

An example of a vision board made from items around the house
An example of a free vision board made from items around the house. This one was made by a friend trying to attract a career that incorporates her passion for music.

Examples: Vision Board

There really isn’t a wrong way to do a vision board, but here is a gallery of
vision board examples that might help you get started: Vision Board Examples on Flickr
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