How To Turn Empty Bottles In To Awesome Glasses

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This is SUCH a cool project and product…I’m really excited Toms Liepkalns from the C&C The Bottle Cutter team shared it with us!

He and his friends developed a better bottle cutter, one that accurately cuts just about any size bottle, so we can turn used bottles into tons of things like vases and drinking glasses…and this tool makes the process very quick and easy! I asked him to tell us about why this bottle cutter is different than what we used to make similar projects in the past.

“Comparing with other bottle cutters, that can cut only standard diameter bottles, with C&C you can cut starting from very small diameter bottle necks up until 3L jars,” Toms shared. “You can adjust the cutter length and keep it for the next bottle, for example, to create sets of equal glasses. You won’t need to worry about buying new blades for a long time as C&C has very durable tungsten carbide blades. And C&C works also as a beautiful wooden bottle stand. :)”

Here is how to turn an old bottle into an awesome glass like this one using the C & C.


First, set a clean, empty bottle on the bottle cutter…the C&C The Bottle Cutter has an adjustment to securely cut bottles from large to small. You will need to adjust it to fit your glass. Then simply spin the bottle in place. It will perfectly score the bottle all the way around.

Next, apply the rubber band (included with the cutter) about an inch under the score line – this is not absolutely necessary, but helps make your glass less likely to shatter.

Next, over a sink with the cold water running down the drain for now, pour boiling water over the score line.

Quickly put the score line in the cold water, holding both sides of the bottle.

Like magic, it will snap apart!

Cool, huh?! Your class still has a sharp edge, so you will need to use a heavy grit sandpaper or sanding block to smooth out the edge before you can use it.

Rinse, and either remove the label, or let dry and over over it with a permanent sealer meant for glass. (If you do that, just be sure to cut the bottle a bit higher so there is a 1 inch lip above any decoration/sealer.

Now, hopefully you saved some of whatever was in that bottle so you can unwind and admire your work over drinks!

Learn more about the project or get your very own C&C THE BOTTLE CUTTER here. They have a Kickstarter campaign where you can buy them now and plan to have additional colors available soon as well!

I think they look pretty cool!