The First Thing I Ever Made

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Molly and Her Favorite Doll
When I was a little girl, I had a TON of energy. What do you do with a high-energy kid who’s driving you crazy? My Mom found a smart solution: She put me in sewing lessons.
First, Mom dropped me off at a sewing 101 class in a local shop. The class was more of a get-together sewing circle than an actual class – all women over 65. They were very patient with me that day, chiming in with random facts to compliment conversations that were way over my head. I learned how to install a hidden zipper and kind of followed a pattern, for what I’m not exactly sure.
A few weeks later, my Mom found a wonderful lady who did custom sewing projects like dresses and other stuff. She had girls around my age, and spent an hour with me every week teaching me how to sew.
Today, a family member shared this picture with me…it is one I figured was long gone. It is my beloved doll Anna wearing the first thing I ever made and was proud of – a custom dress just for her! (Looking at this picture, I can still remember Anna’s lovely sweet plastic smell and the scratchy cotton fabric I chose for that dress.) 🙂
Those afternoons with Mrs. Frank were special. They were the kind of afternoons some lucky young ladies have with their Grandmothers. I had all her attention, and was just so excited to learn. Those times are such a happy memory to me, and I’m reminded of them often when I craft with my kids.
What is your first memory of learning how to make something?

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