The Easter wreath EVERYONE is talking about

If you are a long-time reader of my crafts blog, you know I LOVE color! (And if you aren’t, you will soon find I love color! And glitter! And silly stuff! :))

This DIY Easter wreath from Vanessa Brady of Tried & True has EVERYTHING: 1. Bunnies! 2. Bright rainbow color awesomeness! 3. Marshmallow candy! I’m glad it doesn’t have chocolate or I would almost certainly short-circuit from excitement. 🙂

It is also easy to make.

Isn’t that SO unbelievably cute!? Tell me what you think. Would you love to hang something like this in your house for Easter? Leave me a comment!

Ah! I am crazy about this DIY Rainbow Peeps Easter Wreath...


Get the tutorial on how to make this adorable DIY Easter Wreath here: Rainbow Bunny Peeps® Wreath