Super YOU

What does a super toddler need to supercharge his or her super powers? A nap? Some juice? (Oh. please. NO.)
The thing just about every superhero needs a CAPE of course!
The one pictured here was my husband’s from when he was small. Now, it works just as superbly for MY little guys.
I love when really good, handmade stuff is passed down. So much cooler than the mass-produced throwaway costumes that pop up every year.
And so adorable, right?!
Even if you aren’t lucky enough to have your super power gear passed down from a crafty family member, you can still have a super handmade cape for your toddler in just a few minutes. A pillowcase is a fabulous starter for lots of kids costumes and makes a perfect cape with a few quick tweaks. Check out this tutorial from The Happy Housewife and make one for your super babies:
Crafts: Make a Pillowcase Play Cape