A Super Beginner’s Guide To Scrapbooking

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Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess is sharing her journey back in to scrapbooking and teaching how to do it in the process.

What is scrapbooking? It can seem confusing when you walk through the scrapbooking section of your favorite craft stores…so many papers, chipboard, inks, rub ons, and even shapes and stickers. The really cool thing about scrapbooking is this: all it is , is telling your story… in your style. You might find you love all of the tools available to set the scene and create pages. Or you might find yourself falling in love with the simplest of layouts…pictures and your handwriting. Both are scrapbooking if you want them to be.

All that stuff is there if you want it, but the only things you really need to include in a scrapbook are pictures and journaling (which is just descriptions of your pictures.) The rest is just for fun. 🙂

Check out a page from Elsie’s scrapbook. The style tells as much of the story as the pictures do. It is very simple, but intentionally designed. And you can feel a lot of her personality coming through in the handwriting and typographic titles. <3   (I love her photography style too, Don’t you? So personal, modern, and happy. :))

scrapbooking-how-to-beginnersHave you scrapbooked before? Is your style clean and modern like Elsie’s or is it more traditional with layers and embellishments?

Learn more about Elsie’s scrapbook (and how to scrapbook) on A Beautiful Mess

(image credit: A Beautiful Mess)

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