43 Snowman Crafts To Make You Smile!

Snowman crafts are often some of the very first crafts many kids do in school. And no wonder! How cute and easy are these ideas?
Next time the kids are bored and it’s too cold to play outside, have a snowman craft day and see how many of these you can do!
Emergency Snowman DIY Card Kit – Craft Ideas Weekly
snowman craft 2
I created this free printable as a fun little craft project you can do at home. It lets you create a card that lets someone else create a snowman themselves. Check out the free printable here:
Santa and Snowman easy craft for kids | Family Beat
santa foam craft snowman foam craft. Here is a quick and easy foam craft for kids,. What do you need: Black Craft Foam; White Craft Foam; Orange Craft Foam; Green Craft Foam; Red Craft Foam; Pink Craft Foam; Tan Craft ……
DIY Snowman Mugs {An Easy Sharpie Craft}
DIY Snowman Mugs {An Easy Sharpie Craft}. 13 Oct posted by Lisa Thompson · WP Greet Box icon. X. Welcome to Simplified Saving! If you’re visiting from WBCL or All You, welcome (and even if you’re not visiting from one of those sites, ……
Holiday Craft: DIY Ornament Snowman
The holidays are in full swing at our home and we’ve been busy doing all kinds of holiday crafts. We recently went shopping at Walmart to ……
Name Writing Snowman Craft – name, snowman, paper, craft
Name Writing Snowman Craft – This handy resource includes instructions on how to make your own name writing snowman, including cut out circles for the snowman’s body and accessories to decorate!…
Craft Stick Snowman Ornaments – happy hooligans – easy …
Today we’re making Craft Stick Snowman Ornaments! These snowmen are easy for young children to make too, using basic craft supplies. And just look at them! Won’t they look adorable on your Christmas tree? If you’ve ……
Holiday Crafts – Pom Pom Snowman | Girlfriends Are Like …
Cute holiday crafts to make. Yarn pom pom snowman. Easy to make pom poms and easy Christmas craft idea….
Snowman Crafts: 5-Minute (Light-up!) Magnet Tutorial
Today I took 5 minutes out of my day, and threw together these adorable magnetic light-up snowman crafts! This is also a great project for kids of all ages….
Snowman Candle Holder – Crafts For All Seasons
Complete craft project instructions on how to make a cute snowman candle holder for winter….
Snowglobe Snowman Craft – No Time For Flash Cards
When I originally posted this snowman craft I had a feeling it would be a hit, sure enough I have seen a bunch of these snowmen on my readers blogs and it came in at number 3 on our countdown – Best of 2008! One reader ……
Craft Klatch: Easy Snowman Craft DIY!
Here is an easy craft for the holidays! It’s a perfect craft to get the kids involved! I used hot glue, but if you have smaller kids working on it, Tacky Glue, or regular white glue will work – you just have to wait a little longer for the ……
Letter Snowman Craft For Kids – No Time For Flash Cards
Have you been able to to make a snowman yet this winter? We haven’t been able to make a real one but we did make this fun letter snowman craft. This activity is part of our Alphabet For Starters Series which is a series of ……
Jingle Bell Snowman – Crafts For All Seasons
This jingle bell snowman ornament is the perfect craft for a teacher to make for each of his or her class children. Complete project instructions follow….
Felt Snowman Ornaments – Sugar Bee Crafts
And, well, I’m doing it–I’m sharing a Christmas Ornament–a Felt Snowman Ornament. I hope all of you out there is Sugar Bee Craft land don’t mind! I know I know, it’s not even Halloween. But, if you are like me and have little ……
Twine Snowman Craft – AllYou.com
Prepare balls: For base of larger snowman, leave 1 ball of twine as is. For smaller base, unravel ball until it’s 3″ in diameter. Unravel remaining balls so you have 3 balls in graduating sizes. Trim excess. On each ball, glue end of twine to ball in ……
Melted Snowman Craft – Homemade Speech
After our last winter storm, we made a melted snowman craft. It was a great time to teach my little ones what the word “melted” meant. They could even look outside and see for themselves. I saw the fantastic idea of “puffy” ……
Paper Plate Snowman Craft
This snowman craft needs adult involvement for preschoolers for sure but working together is one of my favorite things about crafting with my kids. This snowman was inspired by our very popular Snow Globe Snowman we ……
Mini Marshmallow Snowman
This activity is in disguise, it looks like a snowman craft but really it’s all fine motor practice and counting. My son has been skipping 5 while counting so I decided to focus on it more and this is a great activity for that. Our rule ……
Water Bottle Snowman Craft
Easy Upcycled Water Bottle Snowman Craft. After being inspired by a 2 liter Sprite bottle to create our Upcycled Christmas Tree awhile back, I have been thinking of all the things we could do with our water bottles. I generally ……
Snowman Crafts for Kids : Magnetic Snowman | Blog Me Mom
snowman craft for kids using a cookie tin and magnets….
Sock Snowman Craft | DIY Cozy Home
Here’s a fun craft idea for the holidays! I think I would make these as gifts for family members and customize each one a little bit. For my son… do a batman theme, for my husband maybe do a mountain climber theme etc….
I HEART CRAFTY THINGS: Cupcake Liner Snowman Craft
snowman-cupcake liner craft
No need to spend time cutting out circles, just grab the cupcake liners, some buttons and items to decorate with and some glue and you can quickly make a fun snowman craft with your kids.. My favorite part of our snowman ……
Plastic Cup Snowman Craft | DIY Cozy Home
Here’s a fun idea! You can get plastic cups like these for really cheap and build yourself a fun snowman that will never melt. Perfect for those of you who live where it never snows! I was able to find a youtube video that fast ……
Snowman Craft Round-Up | Gaining Mommymentum
Because of all this snow, Buddy has been especially interested in snowmen this year so I’ve been doing all kinds of research (read: hanging out on Pinterest) trying to find the cutest snow/snowman crafts for us to make….
Snowman Collage Craft for Kids ~ Reading Confetti
Snowman Collage Craft for Kids. If it’s too cold (or warm) to make a real snowman, you can keep the kids entertained and work on fine motor skills with this easy snowman collage craft made from old magazines. Easy snowman collage craft for ……
Easy Kids’ Craft: DIY Snowman Cups – Dawn Nicole
Easy Kids Craft: DIY Snowman Cups. My kids brought home something similar to these from preschool last year and I found the girly google eyes at Michael’s the other day and decided to create our own version. Here’s what ……
Snowman Crafts – ladylucas lm – HubPages
My mother collects snowmen and has brought her collection out to the kitchen windowsill since I can remember. Miniature snow people surrounded by cotton, snow boys and girls on their little sleds, old Christmas cards from years past ……
Snowman Crafts – ladylucas lm – HubPages
Capri + 3: Snowman Invitation to Bathe
I cut out a carrot nose, mouth, buttons and mittens from craft foam. I used a generous amount of bubble bath mix to produce a large quantity of bubbles. I used a piece of craft foam to help me form the snowman shape without ……
Snowman Mason Jar Luminary Ornament Craft Idea | Club …
And you don’t need snow to make a cute snowman! You will love this holiday mason jar craft idea which doubles as a cute ornament, holiday decoration, or glowing luminary. On one of my recent trips to Michaels, I picked up ……
Snowman Hair Bow Clip Tutorial – DIY Craft Fashion Blog
Are you getting into the Christmas spirit?! Our quick snowman ribbon sculpture tutorial will show you how to make a DIY snowman hair clip using just three items – fold over elastic (or grosgrain ribbon), an alligator clip, and flat ……
Snowman Winter Craft Stick Craft for Kids
Snowman Craft for Kids. I have just been in love lately with creating popsicle stick crafts for kids so I wanted to get a jump start on some fun winter crafts! We’ve already had snow here in Iowa and my kids are dreaming of the ……
Sock Snowman Craft For Kids – Activity Village
You will need a white sock and a baby sock to make this gorgeous sock snowman – but he is so gorgeous we don’t think you will be able to stop at one!…
Munchkin and Bean: Cotton Ball Snowman Craft
Simple Snowman Craft. December, despite the cold, is probably my favourite month of the year. I love Christmas and all the activities and festivities that go along with the holiday. We enjoy holiday activities daily and each day ……
Crayon Freckles: snowman cutting practice and craft {winter …
when Bear asked what the project was, i had it laid out like in the top picture in this post. i simply offered that with all the supplies there, i bet he could make something. he responded “a snowman!” and then he quickly went to ……
Easy Snowman Craft – We Made That
This Easy Snowman Craft is easy enough for the kids to make and it looks great sitting by your tree!…
Snowman Bookmark Craft | Alpha Mom
Mark your page in your favorite book with a snowman bookmark….
Frost-Free Snowman Craft | Paging Supermom
No gloves… just a few household supplies are all that’s required to whip together the simple snowman craft we shared in this month’s issue of Raising Arizona Kids magazine. Simple Snowman Craft Idea at PagingSupermom….
Edible Snowman Craft | ExpatFamilyQ8
A few days ago we made this great Snowman craft all from snack food! Obviously don’t eat any of the food if you have already put the glue on ready to stick down but it is great……
Edible Snowman Craft | ExpatFamilyQ8
Salt Dough Snowman Craft – Kids Activities Blog
salt dough snowman craft We love creating with salt dough. It is so easy and we always have the ingredients on hand to make more because all you need is flour, salt, and water. Basic Salt Dough Recipe. 2 cups flour….
Sugar Aunts: Glitter Paint Snowman Craft
A glittery snowman is such a winter thing! We made a bunch of these cuties a few weeks ago and they’ve been decorating our dining room ever since! The nice thing about this craft is that it uses paint and glitter so that the ……
DIY Snowman Handprint Ornaments – Baby Gizmo
This morning I was on Good Day Chicago doing a segment on crafts that kids can make and give to friends and family as gifts. The main craft of the show was how to make Snowman Handprint Ornaments. These are a great ……
DIY Snowman Handprint Ornaments – Baby Gizmo
Craft Some Snowman Magnets for Winter | Make and Takes
While snowmen are very popular around Christmastime, they actually make the perfect craft subject for January! Aside from New Year’s and Martin Luther King Jr. day, January has no other truly crafty holidays….
Make a Snowman Cloche from a Soda Bottle – Crafts ‘n Coffee
We finally have snow today, so let’s build a snowman. Our little snowman craft is displayed under a cloche or glass dome, a hot, home decorating trend. But here’s our secret – the glass dome is actually a repurposed plastic ……
Easy Giant Paper Plate Snowman Craft | Happy Home Fairy
The Happy Buddy went back to school yesterday and I am missing my lil’ sidekick! Over the holiday break we made this Easy Giant Snowman for the bulletin board in his Big Boy Room (which you can see HERE). We had just ……
Toddler Approved!: Button Snowman Craft
During the winter where we live, snowmen crafts are the closest we’ll get to real snow unless we go up to Tahoe. Over the holidays I ordered a giant bucket of buttons, so they are our current favorite crafting tool. A friend came ……
Snowman Measuring Stick Bilingual Craft – DeKalb Public …
You can use your snowman stick to measure just how much snow fell in your yard. Learn how to make this cute and useful measuring stick……
Snowman Mobile Craft – DeKalb Public Library
Learn how to make a snowman to hang around inside your home. This is an easy craft for all ages and uses simple things like construction paper, school glue, and cotton balls.
43 Snowman Crafts to Make You Smile!

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