Ridin’ Cozy

When I was asked recently to review a “onesie” I thought,
“Well, Sure!” I mean, I just had a baby and he loves his little Onesie outfits. Figured maybe we’d get a few in the mail for him, right?

When I opened the package from the OnePiece company,  I found something I wasn’t exactly expecting. This one-piece outfit is not for a baby…it’s actually for ME! Say what now!? I Googled it. Who knew? This OnePiece thing is actually super HOT with all the cool people. Rappers, popular songstresses, Like EVERYbody is posting ‘selfies’ looking super cool wearing these things!

(Most of MY ‘selfies’ look like this.) Watch Out, Kardashians…

…I am not these cool people! I identify with crafters and real moms: people covered in glue, paint, and the occasional baby booger. And, as I found out recently, I have a serious problem. 7 Things You Totes Need To Stop Saying If You Are Over 30

Whatevz, I decided to get over myself and just go with it… After all, it has been REALLY cold in the Eastern U.S. where I live and this outfit is fully-lined with super-soft, snuggly fleece. Mmmm…fleeeeece. Check out this photo – the whole inside of the OnePiece is made of that wonderful stuff.



Confession: In real life, I am THAT mom who drops her kids off at school in her jammies 25 percent of the time. (Ok, 45 percent.) So, like, a lot. My ‘tween is embarrassed of his mom on a good day…can you imagine if I got in a fender bender and had to hang out on the side of the road in my PJ’s? He would almost certainly actually die of actual embarrassment.

Let’s make one thing clear. I know this thing is definitely cooler than me. But it is also definitely a HUGE fashion upgrade from what I usually wear while doing all the things I do in the average day.  And it is easy. And probably less embarrassing to a ‘tween than pajamas.

So, I jumped in my Lightweight Navy Blue Classic OnePiece jumpsuit to take the kids to school on Wednesday.
That’s me (laughing) and Mr. Baby. He could care less about what I’m wearing.  He’s all, “Oooohh… let me at that BRANCH!”


Any silliness I felt about wearing the same outfit as Carly Rae Jepsen faded away as I enjoyed the roomy, cushion-y, wonderful-ness of my OnePiece. It. Was. SO. COMFORTABLE. It really IS really kind of cool. And surprisingly flattering, even while holding a baby on one hip. (That’s my signature look.)

It’s practical too, as I found out when we did our next task of the day.

Me: “Hey, There’s Even A Mail Pocket!”

Mr. Baby:  “Phone book. PHONE BOOK!”


The one I am wearing is unisex and has lots of pockets to stash my craft supplies and baby gear in. It also has two zipper pulls on the main chunky zipper in the front, only one of which is of use to me, being a girl. :p The lightweight one (which is what I have) kept me perfectly warm outside and not too hot when I went inside. They make a heavyweight version which I can only imagine is for skiing or snowshoe-ing.
You can see the outside fabric in this shot – it’s like a high-end sweatshirt for your entire body.


Speaking of zippers, the One Piece zips all the way over the face to the top of the hood if desired, making it the only piece of clothing I’ve ever worn with a built-in isolation chamber for really rough days. Nothing says “Mom’s done with your shenanigans” like a full zip. I like it.


Back to the road test…The biggest surprise of all happened when I woke up the next morning to start the ‘kids morning drop off’ thing all over again.
It was absolutely freezing and I didn’t want to even peek out of the covers, much less get up. The first thought that popped into my head was, I kid you not,  “Where’s my One Piece?”

Now, I’m kind of obsessed with my One Piece for mom-ing it up on the morning commute.
It’s awesome. To call it totes amazeballz would be an understatement. (And completely inappropriate for a 35 year old lady to say…I know, I’m trying to quit!)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. The OnePiece company sent me product free of charge to review. All opinions are 100% my own!

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