Reversible Pendant Napkin Ring (Free Pattern!)

Beautiful Handmade Napkin Ring - Free Pattern

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Download the free Napkin Ring Pattern Here:



Napkin Ring Tutorial - Download Pattern
1. Download and pin your pattern to your fabric (you can cut two at once – just put them “face to face”) so it will work correctly when you sew and turn inside out. Cut both pieces of fabric along the solid line.
Napkin Ring Tutorial - Step 1
2. Put the fabric cut outs “pretty sides together” and sew about 1/8 – 1/4 inch from the edge all around where you see the stitch marks on the template.
Napkin Ring Tutorial - Step 3
3. Using the opening this created, turn the piece right side out. Use a chopstick or other blunt implement to press out the curves at the top and bottom.
Napkin Ring Tutorial - Step 4
4. Tuck under the area where you didn’t sew so it matches up with your sewn seams.
Napkin Ring Tutorial - Step 5
5. Iron flat and sew across the open, tucked side to close up your napkin ring.
Napkin Ring Tutorial
6. Slide on a beautiful jewelry pendant – this one is from the Tori Spelling “Styled” line and looks like a million bucks! It actually cost about 3 or 4 bucks on sale at Jo-ann’s…can you believe that!? These have a ring welded to the back — slide your napkin ring through it. Mix and match these on your table and it looks amazing…
You can remove the extra jump ring that comes at the top with a jewelry tool or attach another sparkly lovely thing like a single jewel.

7. Sew on some Velcro to keep it closed or stitch it closed.