Free Mini Christmas Stocking Pattern

This project is a lot of fun and pretty easy skill-wise for the beginner sewer. These make fabulous teacher gifts, perfect little pet stockings, or even fun holiday party favors for all the loved-ones who come by to visit!

Plus, with coordinating fabrics and embellishments, you can get really creative. The ones pictured here reverse to having the boot and the top in the opposite fabrics. (except for the hanger tab.)

Here is a super easy free sewing template to make a mini reversible Christmas Stocking. #sewing #Christmas

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project:

  • First grab our Free Christmas Stocking Pattern and print it out. 
  • Sewing Pins
  • Scissors
  • About 1/4 – 1/2 yard of fabric (you can use fat quarters – these work with the template perfectly.)
  • Quilt batting
  • A sewing machine or hand sewing needles and thread

Step 1.  Using the Template to Cut the Fabric Pieces

First,You’ll want to fold 2 pieces of your fabric “pretty sides” together and pin the template to the back of the folded fabric (as shown.) You’ll notice that the pieces are marked A, B, and C.

Template Piece A. – The Boot (cut 4 from fabric, 2 from batting)
This is the boot shape.  You’ll need four of these total –  two for the outside and two for the inside. You will also need to cut 2 of this shape out of batting.

Template Piece B – The Fold Over Top (cut 4 from fabric)
This is for the sewn together piece that folds over the top You’ll need four of those total.

Template Piece C  – Hang Tab
This is a little tab to hang your stocking. You’ll need to cut just one – it gets folded – sides in then once more. You’ll sew down the side to keep it closed and finish the edge.

Take a look at the picture, at this point you should have these 6 pieces for the main part of the boot (see below.) You also have 4 rectangles and one additional “tab” piece.

Now it’s time to create any decorations such as embroidery, appliques, etc. you would like for the front of your stocking.
(I cut out a heart shape, put a little piece of coordinating fabric behind the hole, then stitched around the shape with some embroidery thread in the example photo) Next, pin the batting to the back of two of your pieces as shown in the photo, put pretty sides together, and sew around the edge. The batting should be facing out on both sides at this point.
Next grab the other two fabric boots and do the same but this time with no battingNow you’re ready to sew the outer boot. Turn the padded boot inside out to hide the seam you made and tuck the other boot directly inside.  You will notice you have pretty looking seams on the inside and outside of what you are making now. Set this aside.
Next you will work on the top folded over piece.
Grab the four pieces you cut for template piece B and sew as shown in the picture.

Next place pretty sides together (also shown,) and sew down both of the sides like you are trying to make a tube. Turn inside out, then fold half of it downover the other half.
Put this aside for now.

Time to create your hanging tab.
Find the “C” piece you cut earlier, and fold both sides into the center. then fold together one more time so it looks like a piece of ribbon. Sew down one side of this to keep it closed
Now it’s time to put it all together. The order should be as follows:
Outer boot
Inner boot
Hanging tab
Inner sleeve that folds over (Put this in folded edge down, the part you see facing out will be the fabric that folds overto the outside of your finished stocking.)

Warning this part will seem a little tricky, and I almost always get turned around with the order for a split-second,  but once you’ve done a few times  it gets really easy. (Yes, I did sew the completely inside of the first one I did – happens to all of us! LOL)
Double check the order of your pieces and match up the seams of each of the pieces  before you sew and pin to keep it steady. Next hand or machine sew all around the top. If you want to make this a fully-finished, reversible stocking, you can sew some bias tape around the unfinished edge here.
Here’s the exciting part: pull the little sleeve edge up, fold it over, and voila! You have a perfect mini Christmas stocking!

Make a bunch – you will get better and better at this the more you make – don’t stop at one!

Feel free to post any questions or email for help and send pics of the stockings you make – we will post them on Craft Ideas Weekly.

Free Mini Christmas Stocking Patterns #diy #crafts #christmas


Free pattern for mini christmas stockings! Detailed sewing tutorial too!

cute!! free mini christmas stocking sewing pattern



Get the free Christmas Stocking Template on our Craftsy store.



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