Great Way To Re-Use Party Plates

Re-Use Party Plates

Used plastic party plates make great paint and Mod Podge palettes.  Next time you have a family gathering and lots of plastic party plates, plan ahead so you can use them again for craft projects.

Set out a recycling bin at the party and label it “Used plates.” You can even fill it with soapy water if it is outside. When the party is over, wash them and save them for your next craft party! Just be sure once you have used them for paint or glue, you don’t try to re-use them for food.

( I know you know that, but figured it was a good idea to point it out!)

Unlike plastic cups and utensils, plastic plates don’t have direct contact with people’s mouths (under normal circumstances.) For cups and utensils, it is best to recycle them or use things that can be run through the dishwasher to avoid any germy situations. 🙂


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