Photo/Video Gear Guide - Zero To Video
Photo/Video Gear Guide - Zero To Video

Photo/Video Gear Guide - Zero To Video

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I'm sharing all my secrets! :)

This instant download photo and video gear guide is ALL of the equipment I use to create professional photos and videos. 

In this guide, I share and link:

1. My exact camera and lenses

2. My secret sources for high-quality backdrops

3. The EXACT audio equipment you need for video

4. My can't live without tripods and stands

5. My favorite lighting equipment

6. File storage, the best stock music sources, the ultimate memory cards, and SO MUCH MORE!

So if you are just getting started in photo and video, this guide will save you TONS of time and thousands of dollars in equipment you probably won't use. This is only the right stuff...and it meets my personal requirements of being high quality, easy to transport and store, and often NOT the most expensive version. 

It answers all of the most-common questions you ask me about photo and video gear. This is ALL the gear I use and have tested for years. 

In this guide, I also explain exactly how I use each item and why it is awesome. 

So DON'T waste time and money buying gear - it is SO easy to buy junk or something you only use one time...this guide will make sure you create a kit ONLY of things that are WORTH THE VALUE!