Pink and Red Valentine’s Day Popcorn


CIW fan Ashley Secor shared this super cute and EASY group gift idea for Valentine’s Day on our Facebook page.

She writes, “Pre-popped popcorn and pink red m&ms… Something sweet & salty”

Sweet and salty…Is there anything better?! This is a sweet little Valentine’s day gift that can be made in less than 30 min…just pop your popcorn, add Valentine’s Day colored M&M’s once it is cooled (so the chocolate doesn’t melt,) put into treat bags (Tip: Wilton makes treat bags in many different sizes,) And tie a bow!

You can also get creative with gift tags…find your favorite Valentine’s Day printable gift tag or make your own by punching out shapes in your favorite scrapbook cardstock! Punch a small hole in the tag and lace the ribbon through before you tie your bow.


(image credit: Ashley Secor)

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