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I absolutely despised being photographed as a child, but as my Mother told me then, “You’ll be grateful for these when you’re older!”

Now, I especially treasure all the candid shots, the silly ones where we didn’t know Mom was looking and were blinded by the flash. (They are always right, aren’t they?)

Check out this lovely way to see your favorite vintage family photos every day from the Crafts Department at Martha Stewart – make them into a pillow!

Sisters Having Fun In The Car Family Scrapbook

Here is a photo that I would love to use for this project…Picture this: It’s 1982, and 2 of my sisters and I were positively cracking up over something in the back seat of our giant Oldsmobile station wagon.  (I am the one in the middle.) Pure joy!



Find your favorite family memories and turn them into something that reminds you of things that make you happy.

Photo Pillows – The Crafts Dept..

Photo Pillows -
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  2. I love this idea. I did this 8 years ago as a gift to my mother after my brother died. She loved it. I didn’t have access to the products they have today and the picture on the pillow has since faded. So I think I will drag out some pictures and make Mother’s Day gifts for my daughters – in – law.

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