Agate Ghost Photo Pendant – Darby Smart Project Mashup

agate ghost photo pendant-18

The wonderful team at Darby Smart sent me a kit to make their Agate Pendant. The project kit is really perfect as-is, but realizing the lovely agate stones were somewhat transparent, I was inspired to see what ELSE I could do with it…

agate ghost photo pendant-17

Why not use the stone to make a wearable memory? Add a picture to the back to create a unique photo pendant. The effect is that of an antique picture and looks really cool!

In the project pictured, I used a photo from our recent trip to the beach. 🙂 Notice you can see the dock and waves and stuff through the stone.

Here is how you do it.


What you will need:

The Agate Pendant Kit from Darby Smart. This contains jewelry glue, chain, findings, and several stones you can work with.

Needlenose pliers.

A photo.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Place the stone on top of your photo and figure out which part you want to feature. Then trace the stone on to the photo and cut it out on the inside of the line you drew. agate ghost photo pendant-2

agate ghost photo pendant-3

2. Apply glue to the back of your stone and glue the pretty side of the picture you cut out to it.

agate ghost photo pendant-5

3. Now cut chain to fit on the top and bottom of your stone and leave just a little bit of overhang. You don’t actually need to cut it…just measure than open a link to remove the piece you need.

agate ghost photo pendant

agate ghost photo pendant-14

4. Now apply glue to the outer edge of the stone where you will attach the chain. Gently press the chain into the glue and let dry. You want a little extra chain on both sides so you can attach the other jump rings which will attach it to the rest of the chain.

agate ghost photo pendant-12

agate ghost photo pendant-13

5. Put all the pieces together like this:

agate ghost photo pendant-15

agate ghost photo pendant-16

Wear! The Darby Smart kit has a few stones so you can try a few different things…instead of a picture, you can even try using secret text!

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  1. A wearable memory…. Wow! The Agate Pendant is beautiful. The instructions are clear and very easy to follow. Thank You,Molly.

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