Make a Photo Cover Notebook

This is a finished photo notebook -- the photo is one I took when we visited the Candy Shop in the Harry Potter part of Universal last Summer

What can you make for Father’s Day that will make him smile and maybe not cost an arm and a leg?

Here is one of my new favorite craft ideas using cheapy-cheap dollar store finds. Make stack of custom photo covered notebooks! (By the way…this one is a great universal gift for just about anyone and any occasion.  :))

I found these cute little notebooks (you know, the size that fits perfectly in your purse) at the Dollar Tree around the corner from where we live. They come in a pack of 4 or 5 for…you guessed it… one buck!

(I also used some super- inexpensive photopaper I got there. I think next time I would probably just use the good stuff for this project since you can actually make a bunch from just one 8.5 x 11 sheet of photopaper.)

You will also need a glue stick and a hole punch-y tool. Mine is the Instant Setter Set  from Making Memories – this is one of those tools I use for tons of paper crafting projects because it has it’s own little mat, storage box, and different tools tops – I recommend it highly! Also, have a pair of pliers handy to undo the little stopper bend on the wire and put one back when you are done. I used a small set of needle nosed ones I use for jewelry making.



How to make a DIY Custom Photo Book:

remove any crimp at the end of the wire by unbending it, then carefully twist it out of the holes and put it aside.

1. Carefully remove the wire and cover
2. Cut out the picture, using the over as a template, then glue the picture to the cover

Use the cover as a template to cut out a picture the same size, then glue the picture to the printed side of the cover by using your glue stick.

3. Punch your holes, using the original holes as a guide

After gluing your photo to the front, punch holes in the back of your notebook paper using the existing holes as a guide.

4. Replace the wire and re-crimp

Twist the wire back in the holes you punched. When it is in place, bend the end of each side in on itself so it doesn't catch on things or come out.

5. Make like 5 more for yourself — I love seeing my favorite pics every time I have to jot down a note!

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  1. What a clever idea. I have never used photo’s but have made them with handmade rice paper with embeded flowers, fabric and stamped paper.

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