Make Kids Art Glasses

Smart! How to make DIY glasses to preserve and enjoy your children's artwork!
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My son loves to draw. He also loves to use drinking glasses, one after another. Honestly, sometimes I think he takes a sip out of each glass in the house before proclaiming it dirty and putting it in the sink.
To celebrate his love of art and our need to give him one glass that literally “has his name on it,” I used one of his drawings as inspiration for a custom glass he can call his own.

Kid's Drawing Becomes Glass Art
Kid’s Drawing Becomes Glass Art

Here is what you will need:
Painter’s Tape
A clear, straight-sided glass
A child’s drawing that will fit in the glass
Plaid Enamel Paint and A Small Paint Brush

How to do it:

Roll up the drawing slightly so you can fit it into the glass and secure it to the glass as shown with your painter’s tape. You may want to use a photocopy of the art so you can cut it to fit. Using your small paint brush, follow the lines of the drawing underneath the glass.  Let it dry for 1 hour and then back per the instructions on your paint.

Tips (and other things to keep in mind):

Make sure your drawing sits very close to the inside of the glass before you secure it with tape…if it is not pressed up close to the glass you may have a rough time following the lines.

Leave about 1-2 inches at the top of the glass free of paint (do not paint up to the rim.) While the paint is made more durable from the baking process, it is not intended to be eaten which may happen over time if the paint is put on a surface that touches the lips.

When you are baking your piece to set the paint, make sure you put your glass on a cookie sheet so it will not fall over and it is easy to remove from the oven when hot. Also, do not preheat your oven before placing the glass in – put the glass in then heat up your oven to the required temperature. Cold glass + hot oven = sad, broken artwork!

Securing The Drawing With Painter's Tape
Securing The Drawing With Painter’s Tape. A glass version of your child’s artwork will be something that will bring back memories after they are grown. (I could make a time traveling reference here, huh?)

A fun way to save your kids' artwork! Transfer it into drinking glasses with glass paint and tape - this post shows how to do it.