Mug Rug Sewing Instructions

Mug rugs are a fun and easy quilting project…they are like a mini mini quilt and can often be completed in an hour or so. Once completed, they are the perfect thing to rest your tea or coffee on or just have as an accent on any table or desk.

Instructions on using our mug rug patterns:

What you will need:

1. A sewing machine or needle and thread

2. Scraps of assorted fabric

3. Heat ‘N Bond Lightweight Iron-On Fusible Stabilizer

4. Quilt Batting (just for the back piece)

4. A printed pattern to follow

5. Bias Tape (store bought or you can make your own bias tape with any fabric you would like)

Here is how to sew your mug rug:

The Back Piece

The back of your mug rug is a ‘sandwich’ made up of a top layer of fabric, a middle layer of batting, and a bottom layer of fabric. Begin by sandwiching these together and pinning the back pattern piece to all three, then cut out the shape. You will have a shaped top, back, and interfacing layer. Set the back and interfacing aside for now.

The Detail Pieces

Iron your Heat n’ Bond interfacing to the pieces of fabric you will use to the fusible interfacing, taking care to iron it to the BACK of the fabric. (See detailed instructions on how to do that here.)

Once the fabric with fusible interfacing has cooled. Pin the detail pattern pieces to the back paper and cut out the shapes.

*Tip: If you need to, you can chop the pattern up into smaller pieces to fit on different fabrics.*

Iron The Design On To The Top And Sew The Details

Carefully arrange and then iron your shaped pieces to the top layer you cut in the step before. The Heat n’ Bond adheres the pieces securely to the top fabric and acts as a stabilizer when sewing the details.

Sew just on the inside edge of your shapes. Outline your details in a contrasting thread, making sure to carefully outline any letters if your pattern has any.

Assembling Your ‘Sandwich’

Now get your ‘sandwich’ pieces from Step 1 and pin together the top layer (now with your iron-ons and first sewing details,) middle batting layer, and back layer — this time make sure the back layer is turned pretty side out so it will show when the mug rug is flipped over.

Stitch through all three layers with a meandering stitch by hand or machine around the rest of the fabric. Avoid going over your details – you have already outlined them and this step is just to connect all the layers.

Finish Mug Rug Edges With Bias Tape

Pin bias tape around the entire edge of the mug rug and sew it on to finish. (Here cool little trick to help manage this part.)

Go grab yourself a hot tea to sit on your mug rug and enjoy!

Here is a free mug rug pattern you can make right now!


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