Mis-matched China Pin Cushion


Want a super simple to make pin cushion that requires no sewing?
This project is one of the fastest and easiest pin cushions I can think of and it is a great way to use those mismatched pieces of china you fall in love with at the thrift store. The little pop of color from the fabric you choose gives it character.

What you will need:
A scrap of fabric
A little tea cup, ramekin, or other small, opaque glass
One rubber band (this is one I found on the floor from the kids’ rainbow loom projects lol)
Rice for filler – you could use stuffing instead if you prefer, but the rice gives it weight enough to stay put in the cup.

No Sew Pin Cushion Crafts-8713

Here is how to make this quick and easy n0 sew pin cushion:

Lay out your fabric and pile a bit of rice in the center.

No Sew Pin Cushion Crafts-8715

Gather the fabric together to make sure you can securely close it with the rubber band.  Remove or add rice as you need to.

No Sew Pin Cushion Crafts-8716

Wrap the rubber band around it a couple of times. Make sure you have gotten all the rice securely in there.

No Sew Pin Cushion Crafts-8718

It will look like this.

No Sew Pin Cushion Crafts-8722

Next, flip this over and place into the piece of china you are using. Don’t worry about the extra tail of fabric…you don’t need to cut it off.  Just nestle it underneath right in to the cup.

No Sew Pin Cushion Crafts-8724

Put next to the sewing table for the perfect place to stash your pins while you are working. 🙂

No Sew Pin Cushion Crafts-8729