Mini Treat Baskets With Class!

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If you have a class or group to make Easter treats for, make them mini baskets using Solo cups!


Here is how to make them:

Craft Supplies:

Free Bunny Ears Printable For Party Cup


9 Oz. Clear SOLO Party Cups

Wired ribbon or wired twine (shown)

How to make mini treat baskets:

Punch holes in each side of the top of each cup. Cut about 5-6 inches or wired ribbon or twine, push the ribbon or twine from the inside to the outside of the cup in each hole, and knot to secure. Make sure your hole is small enough so that a knot will keep it from coming back through.

Cut out the printable bunny ears and labels (if desired) — they are sized to fit perfectly into 9 oz. clear SOLO party cups. Use cute bunny stickers to decorate or add labels to the front with names. I used a chalkboard label sticker in the photo, but you can also cut out the labels in this printable, add names, and tape them to the inside of the cups.

Fill with green Easter grass (ours is made of recycled paper,) and treats – mini wrapped candies and fun things from the party supply store work perfectly for these!


Bunny Ears Printable Solo Cup Easter Basket (2 of 2)

Bunny Ears Printable Solo Cup Easter Basket (1 of 2)