Althea Crome – Knitting In Miniature

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Some crafters just seem born to create a certain kind of thing that uniquely their thing. Meet Amazing crafts artist Althea Crome, the person who created the teeny-tiny little miniature knits seen in the movie Coraline (Focus Features, LAIKA 2009.)

If you have never seen this video, it really is quite amazing to watch Althea work with what I can only guess are tapestry needles (you know, the ones with the not-so-sharp tips for working embroidery thread into a tapestry.) EVERY little stitch is done by hand (or ‘fingertip’ really)…if you think it took you a long time to make your sister that pretty scarf for Christmas, try this one on for size!

This is impressive not just because the work is beautiful, but Althea Crome’s work seems to be as much a creative outlet as it is an impossible zen exercise.

Coraline Mini Sweater