Making An Inspiration Binder

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Did you ever notice that when you’re feeling creative, you sometimes look at the world a little differently? Over the years I have noticed that many artists and creative people tend to have an amazing gift for seeing the world in 2D – like a switch they can turn on and off.  When artists view the world, they are often able to pick out shapes and colors others don’t see or focus on one element of something and use it in a completely different way in their art work.

Making A Creative Inspiration Notebook
Your Creative Inspiration Notebook Can Hold Any Ideas You Like

Develop your own system for capturing colors, shapes, elements that inspire you. One way to do this is to keep an inspiration binder. Designers often do this exact thing to keep track of the things that they find beautiful and also to allow themselves to create visual connections between things to create something completely new.  An inspiration binder is also just the thing to thumb through for new craft ideas on a rainy, uninspired Monday (Which it happens to be today as I am writing this!)

What you’ll need:
An 8 x 10 3 -Ring Binder (a mini one will work too and also be portable!)
A three hole punch
Lots of magazines, pictures, and a printer if you want to use pictures you find on the Internet
Binder Section Tabs

How to do it:
Take about 10 minutes every day to be conscious of the shapes, colors, themes around you.  Take pictures of those things you see when you are taking a walk outside or while browsing in a funky little shop you love.  Clip articles and pictures from magazines.  Draw the shapes you see in the plaster on the ceiling or cracks in the sidewalk. Don’t worry too much about how these will fit together by theme…  This is more about capturing things that you are drawn to. If you ever created a vision board this process may seem similar.

Organize your binder into sections to allow for both pictures and notes.  You might want to have blinders for specific projects or types of crafts you are working on.  For example, if you’re binder is intended to help you capture ideas for decorating, you might organize your binder to have a section or page for each room.  Some artists organize their binder pages by color or by theme.

Any way you decide to put it together, keep it in a convenient place so you can refer to it often and easily tuck away anything inspiring you happen to see in your travels.