Make A Duct Tape Sticker Wallet

Duct Tape + Stickers = FUN! If you are thinking about how to make a duct tape wallet, the short answer is: it’s easy!  This is truly the easiest duct tape wallet pattern with just one piece and two folds. PLUS this tutorial will show you an additional way to add stickers to the design of your cute handmade wallet. Once you choose the materials, know the duct tape wallet measurements (below) and understand the basic methods of making a wallet out of duct tape, you’ll be making TONS of these…

They make the best easy duct tape craft for kids (or for teens) and are a great way to use up and display store-bought or even homemade stickers.  Plus, they’re really useful – who can’t use a cute, small wallet, just big enough for some cash and a couple of credit cards. Once you learn how to make these duct tape sticker wallets, you will find yourself making them all the time – especially when friends want to know where you got yours!

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Choosing The Duct Tape and Stickers
There are SO many adorable patterned duct tape options and cute stickers out there to play with. If you are like me, you already totally hoard these so you are good to go. 🙂

Here is a video tutorial of this cute duct tape craft project!

What you’ll need for this project

  • Cute Stickers – I got these in a sticker pack from Amazon
  • Patterned Duct Tape
  • Clear Duct Tape – I Like Gorilla Glue’s Crystal Clear Gorilla Tape because it is waterproof and very see-through
  • Wax paper
  • Ruler or Craft Mat With Measurements
  • Scissors
  • thin, colorful paper – construction paper or tissue paper work great.
  • stick on velcro dots if you want to keep it closed
Male a duct tape sticker wallet usng these awesome craft supplies

Here’s how to make your custom duct tape wallet:
Begin by cutting a strip of wax paper that is 13 inches long by 4 inches high.  The finished size of this duct tape wallet is 12 inches by 4 inches when laying flat.  Working at this size gives you room to trim off the edges which becomes important when working with duct tape. Start making a sticker collage using the wax paper method.

Create the face of your wallet – Tear or cut three strips of clear tape and overlap them over the sticker collage you just created. Gently stick them together so they overlap about 1/8 of an inch. Tip: Use the tips of your fingernails so you don’t get stuck in the sticky tape! Keep the tape straight as you work so it doesn’t stick on itself.

Tip: If you are using glitter, this should also be added to the tape first or sprinkled on top of the stickers when you are done with your collage. Use glitter sparingly! Too much and the tape won’t stick right.

Remove the wax paper – Gently peel the sticker collage with the tape on top off of the wax paper and put the collage face side down.

Add duct tape to the back of the wallet – cut (3) 13 inch strips of patterned ducts tape and cover the beautiful sticker collage you just made. First line up the top and bottom strips and then add the center one to see the whole thing up.

how to make a duct tape sticker wallet - adding duct tape strips to the back

Fold and trim your duct tape wallet – Fold the wallet in half and flatten it. Measure to 6 inches across and trim the uneven short edge. Tip: Don’t worry about the longer edge – this will be covered with tape.

fold and trim your duct tape wallet

Open the wallet and fold to make the pockets – Measure 2 3/4 from the edge and fold. Flatten the whole wallet.

Cut a strip of duct tape in half and use each half to close up the sides
Fold this duct tape over each side. Trim off the excess.

Add stick-on velcro to close the wallet if desired. They will stay shut on their own in a pocket or purse usually.

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