Fun! Make the perfect pop-up pillow fort

Little kids love to find little spaces where they can get some quiet time. Maybe it is just something about being so small in such a big world…it is nice to have a small space they are completely in control of. Might be a little nook behind a bookcase, a space in a closet, or even just a makeshift fort built with blankets and chairs. Teepees are popular lately, but if you are very limited on space, something like this simple hanging fort fits the bill just perfectly.

This project from Fiskars is wonderful. With just about nine yards of fabric, a large embroidery hoop, and some basic hardware, you can make the kids their very own, safe hiding place that’s perfect for reading or just chillin’.

Oh, who am I kidding…remember when I wore this and tried to zip myself up all the way up in it? I love quiet time as much as the kids, and I’ve gotta say…this DIY fort looks like a beautiful little place for ME to hide! I want one. Maybe I’ll make an outdoor version under a tree in the yard this Summer. They’ll neeeever find me THERE! I bet I could get, like, TEN whole minutes of alone-time at least! 🙂

How Cool! Tutorial for a DIY hanging fort made with fabric and an embroidery hoop

DIY Fabric Fort Tutorial on

There is even a tutorial within this tutorial to make those adorable cloud pillows — they are all minky and soft and delicious. Love!

Check out the tutorial and let me know what you think if this dreamy little DIY in the comments!