Yay! How To Make A Pom Pom By Hand

I love handmade pom poms…they are the perfect finishing touch to lots of handmade projects. You can choose any weights and color combinations of yarn you would like to make them simple and cute or giant and adorable.

Did you know it is really easy to make pom poms by hand without any fancy tools? Here is how you do it!

  1. First wrap whatever yarn you like around your hand at least 25 times. Wrap it firmly around your hand but not so tight you can’t slide it off. The thinner the yarn, the more times you will need to wrap to get a full-looking pom pom. This yarn is very think and 25 times is just about right.


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2. Take a piece of yarn that is about 7 inches long and slip it under the bundle of yarn you have made, between your second and third fingers.

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3. Tie the strand of yarn around your bundle tightly and double knot it.

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4. Slide the bundle off your hand and cut each side with a scissors. If you miss any loops, snip those open. Leave the yarn you tied around the bundle long at this stage.

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5. Hold the pom pom by the long pieces if yarn and shake it out to fluff it so you can see where you need to cut to shape it. Cut around it to make it a nice, even sphere shape.

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6. Use the long strands of yarn to attach to a project like a hat or even to dress up a gift tag.

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