So easy! Make your own natural oils sleep balm

These days, it feels like we are all constantly inundated with data. Constant dings from our phones, kids clamoring for attention, Pinterest (lol) and the list goes ON and ON! An evening routine to wind down and prepare for a restful nights sleep is an excellent habit. Start at least an hour before bed if you can by turning off your phone. (I know, it’s HARD…but it’s so good for you to unplug!) A warm bath, a good book, a little meditation, and calming essential oils can really help prepare you for a great night of sleep. This DIY is an easy way to have a little essential oil therapy right at your fingertips when you need it.

You know those spherical EOS lip balms? I love them and save the cute little orbs when I am done to make more lip balm! This DIY shows how to make you own “Sweet Dreams” calming scent balm using beeswax, essential oils, and an empty EOS container. Don’t have one? Just pour the mix in a jar all together and apply with your fingers. 🙂

Sweet Dreams my friends and happy making!


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    1. Good question, Jan! I wouldn’t think so when just a little is added (as it is here.) If you would rather use coloring for skin products, that would work too, or just omit the color altogether – it isn’t necessary to the project.

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