Make It! Modern Salt Dough Hearts

x54 (1 of 1)Remember making things out of salt dough when you were little? Well, this is kind of like that, only SO much more beautiful!

Aga from Passion Shake sent us this absolutely beautifully done tutorial on how to make artful salt dough ornaments, just in time for Valentine’s Day. What a sweet way to show you care and get crafty with things you definitely already have in your kitchen.

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Don’t they just make you smile? Make these with kids, or with good friends.

See the full tutorial here:

2 thoughts on “Make It! Modern Salt Dough Hearts

  1. Is there a sealer you can use to put on there to set a few in a flower garden or between stepping stones?

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Because salt attracts water, and this salt dough recipe is mostly for decorative indoor things like ornaments, I wouldn’t chance it. I would suggest trying to use something like concrete to create garden decorations. You can add pretty stones and make mosaic patterns in the concrete. Hope that helps! — Molly

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