Make a Giant 3D Fabric Letter

How To Make Big Light Fabric LettersAnother one of the decorations I made for my Sister-In-Law’s baby shower was this giant 3D Fabric Letter. It was covered in her favorite fabric — teal chevron! The cool thing about these letters is they are made with just fabric, foam board, and hot glue…this makes them surprisingly light and means you can hang them anywhere…even in a baby’s nursery.
Here is how I made the giant fabric “c” to hang at the party.
What you will need:
2 sheets of foam board
hot glue and a glue gun
How to make the fabric-covered letter:
Start by drawing or tracing a letter on one piece of foam board. Cut it out. Then trace that letter on to the other piece of board and cut it out, remembering to cut inside the line this time so your pieces are the same size and shape.

Next you will create the pieces to give your letter height and make it 3D. I measured a long, 5 inch strip of foam board (the scrap from the letter cutouts) and cut it into rectangles.

Then I scored these rectangles so they could be bent in three parts. (Double check all your pieces are turned the same way so the height of your letter will be even. IMG_2808.JPGIMG_2809.JPGUse hot glue to attach them to the back piece. IMG_2813.JPGNext apply hot glue to the tops of these pieces and set the other letter piece on top, carefully aligning it with the bottom

IMG_2815.JPGNow you will add the fabric. The fabric is added to the front and back first, then another long, wide strip of fabric covers over the whole edge, making it look like a solid letter. Cut a piece of fabric that is about 3-4 inches bigger than the shape of your letter on all sides. Notch any inside curves to make sure they bend in properly. Now apply hot glue in small sections to the back edge of the foam board and gently pull the fabric overhang over it. If you have Hot Glue Helpers to protect your fingers, definitely use them here! Avoid putting your finger over the fabric where it meets the hot hot glue. It will seep through and burn you if you aren’t watching it!

If you plan to hang this letter only on a wall, you can skip adding fabric to the back.

IMG_2819.JPGOnce you have completed the front of the letter (and back if desired) with fabric, take a long strip of fabric and hot glue it right to the side edges, carefully folding the fabric edge in as you go so your edges look nice. Do one edge at a time. On the second edge, pull the fabric to it is tight.

Now add a hanger to the back or hang from the ceiling with a giant ribbon and you are done!