Lovely Little Lights

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It happens just about every night around Christmas time. The kids are all snuggled in their beds, the house is quiet, and I’m shutting everything down. I pause for a minute in the quiet and stare at all the pretty lights on the Christmas tree.

I reflect on how much has changed since last Christmas. This year, we lost our beloved dog Maddie, welcomed a new baby, moved, and changed what seems like a million other details.

I think of my boys and how fast they are growing up.

As I walk by the tree and wiggle the plug out of the wall, I’m holding onto a moment in time. Taking a mental snapshot.

THIS part of our story is a good one…my oldest is not quite a teenager yet, and my youngest has everything in the world to look forward to. Next year it will be a memory, but I am filled with gratitude that I get to be in it right now.

Reflect for a minute about where you are right now. What about it is scary, exciting, beautiful? It is part of your story. You are in it right now, and to be aware of it while you are here is a gift.

I’m grateful for the life that we have and these crazy children who are my everything. I’m grateful for my husband and family, my friends, and the many twists and turns life presents.

I’m grateful for Christmas.

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  1. Thank you. I have forgotten to be mindful and thankful for quite a while and you have reminded me how important it is to live in the moment. Thank you.

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