Lip Balm That Is SO Easy To Make: A ‘How To’ Tutorial

DIY Lip Balm Recipe and Tutorial
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DIY Lip Balm Recipe and Tutorial

Making lip balm is really not too hard. 

Here’s the most basic way to make lip balm:

It is really as simple as melting beeswax and a base oil (like sweet almond oil or even olive oil) on low heat, stirring it together, and letting it cool until solid.  A higher oil to beeswax ratio will result in a less solid, more glossy product.

If you want to get fancy, you can add a few drops of flavor or essential oils and moisturizing ingredients like Shea butter.

One of my favorite things ever is the scent of warm peppermint and lavender, which are some of the wonderful combinations of essential oils you might want to play with.

Kim at Too Much Time On Her Hands has a great recipe and tutorial for making lip balm. She even included a cute printable label!

To see this lip balm tutorial and get the free printable, Read More Here

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