Teen Star Isabelle Fuhrman: Knitting Caps For Good

Isabelle Fuhrman Knit-Save The Children
Teen Star Isabelle Fuhrman - Image Credit - Joelle Leder Photography © 2010

Some teenagers spend lots of time on the phone, watching TV, or just hanging out. Isabelle Fuhrman, best known as the star of the chilling movie Orphan, in Ghost Whisperer, and most recently joining an all-star cast in Salvation Boulevard (which will premiere at Sundance 2011), likes to spend her spare time doing something else: knitting! That is pretty cool by itself, but super creative Isabelle has also gotten involved with Save The Children on a program called Caps For Good to knit caps for newborns in developing countries.  This simple, handmade gift not only keeps babies warm, it saves lives. Isabelle and Save The Children have created hundreds of these baby caps this year to help reduce the nearly 4 million newborn deaths that occur annually in the developing world. We caught up with Isabelle to talk about how she started knitting, how she got started helping Save The Children, what she is up to, and how she finds time to give back.

CIW: Is it hard balancing acting and school work?

Isabelle Fuhrman: It can be hard at times, but I love having a busy life! When I am on set I have a studio teacher who teaches me what my friends are learning at school. I also iChat with my classmates to make sure I don’t miss any notes by the time finals come along. When I have super busy days I make a schedule so I can fit everything I need to do in.

CIW: In addition to your academic life, and film and TV successes, I hear you are also quite the knitter! How did you learn?

Isabelle Fuhrman: When I was filming Orphan, I watched my co-star Vera Farmiga knit a lot on set and I really wanted to learn. During the summer I went to a sleep away camp in North Carolina and was surprised when I saw that so many girls there knew how to knit. So I asked my good friend who I’ve known since I lived in Atlanta to teach me. I’ve been knitting ever since and now I get it put it to good use and help people.

CIW: This year you are working with Save The Children on a special project. Can you tell us a little about how and why you got involved with that?

Isabelle Fuhrman: I went to an event that was sponsored by Save the Children and learned what they did. I love knitting and helping out, and this way I can do both!

CIW: And that’s how you started working on the Caps For Good project – How can our fans get involved and help you?

Isabelle Fuhrman: It’s so easy to get involved! You can go online to
http://www.goodgoes.org/caps and click on get started. You just follow the pattern instructions and knit as many caps as you can and send them in before the deadline.

CIW: What is your best tip for young girls who want to learn how to knit?

Isabelle Fuhrman: Ask someone to teach you, it’s easier than learning from a book and you learn special tricks! 😉

CIW: Are there other arts and crafts you enjoy as well?

Isabelle Fuhrman: I love painting, sketching, sculpting, and designing and sewing clothes. Doing arts and crafts is relaxing and it’s also a great way to exercise the right side of your brain.

CIW: What are some other projects you are working on and where can people see you next?

Isabelle Fuhrman: My film, Salvation Boulevard, is going to Sundance and I am so excited about that! I’m also writing a script and working on a new movie that I will be producing.

CIW: Wow, Isabelle!  It is wonderful to talk to a young girl who is so focused and talented! By the way, Spud and Chloe yarns are so impressed by your charitable work (and knitting skills!) that they have sent you a fun little gift! It should arrive soon if it hasn’t already. 🙂

Isabelle Fuhrman: I was so touched when I received the package from Spud and Chloe. The yarn is so soft and beautiful! I cannot wait to knit more caps during my winter break. Thank you, Spud and Chloe!

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