Instagram Place Cards


Updated for 2015!

Traditional table “tent cards” are a classic, but they’re very formal and kinda boring…

Here is a quick idea for a Thanksgiving place card that is just as simple to make as a plain old name card, but a LOT more fun.

Grab photos of your guests from Instagram (or Facebook or another social media account they use all the time – that works too!) and make them into place cards.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Go to their social media account and click on their profile photo. Save it to your computer or phone.

2. Print the photo. If printing to your home printer, load it with photo paper first.) It should print pretty small…

(If you have a ZINK printer (pictured) or other small photo printer, It works perfectly for this too!

3. Cut out patterned cardstock which will be the background for your card. It should be 4.5 by 9 inches

4. Fold your card in half and use glue dots or double-stick tape or tape runner to adhere the photo to the front of the folded card. I always score cards first using my Martha Stewart scoring board, but thats because I love mine and use any excuse to use it. Seriously…look at that clean fold…Perfection! LOL

The cards I made were smaller, but your instagram photos will likely print a bit bigger – like 4×4 – the measurements above are bigger too.


Make one for each guest and have a blast!

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