DIY Signs – Make A Perfect DIY Wooden Sign

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Ever try to create a painted sign, only to end up with squiggly, ugly lettering? Sign artists use rulers and lines to create cool lettering, but use this trick, and your handpainted letters and signs will look professional every time!

What you’ll need:
Saral Transfer Paper
A sharp pencil
Something to layout and print text

How to hand paint lettering:
First, layout and print the text you want to use in a font you like.


Next, place a small sheet of Saral transfer paper under the paper design, over what you will be painting your letters on. Tape it to keep it in one place.

Next, using a very sharp pencil and firm pressure, trace around the lettering. Make sure to get every line including the inside and outside.

Once you have traced everything, remove one side of tape to check on the transfer. If you have missed any lines, just replace the paper design and transfer paper to fill in parts you skipped.
When you are done, it will look like this. Now just paint in the lines…perfect!