How To Make Twist-Knot Double Hairbows

How to make a fancy-looking hairbow for pennies!
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How-to-Make-HairbowsThese bows look fancy, but they are quick and easy to make. I used 1 and 1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon for this but any thicker ribbon can be used.

To make hairbows like this, you will need: Ribbon, Twine, Scissors, Hot Glue, and a Barrette of some kind to glue your bow to.

How To Make A Hairbow SM-25Here is the way to make hairbows like this:

1. Make what will be your tail by snipping both sides in an inverted triangle. Fold it in half and point your scissors inward like this.How To Make A Hairbow

2. Lay your ribbon tail over a piece of twine like this. How To Make A Hairbow-2

3. Now grab your roll of ribbon to begin making the bow loops. Make them like this. Make 4 – the first two should be wider than the second two.

How To Make A Hairbow-3 How To Make A Hairbow-4 How To Make A Hairbow-5

4. Once you have four loops, tie off the twine fairly tightly and cut off the excess ribbon. I like to flip the twine tie to the back, but that is up to you.

How To Make A Hairbow-9 How To Make A Hairbow-125. Now make the pretty twisty piece that will go over the middle. Twist two pieces of ribbon, put over the twine, and secure in the back with hot glue.

How To Make A Hairbow-16

How To Make A Hairbow-17How To Make A Hairbow-18  How To Make A Hairbow-205. Once your hot glue is dry, glue the whole thing to a barrette. The blank barrettes with the clasp work the best, but regular old goody barrettes work fine too.

How To Make A Hairbow-24