How To Make Bias Tape

Bias tape is simply strips of fabric that are cut on the diagonal, folded into the center, and folded once more – like a trifold. Cutting and prepping strips of fabric this way allows the fabric to bend and stretch easily around corners and curves, making it perfect for binding quilts, finishing garments,  or adding flair to other sewing projects. Want to make your own? Is it SUPER easy…here’s how!

How To Make Your Own Bias Tape
1. Find the diagonal of your fabric. (You can usually just turn your fabric 45 degrees.) Use a rotary cutting tool and straight edge (like a metal ruler) to cut on the diagonal  into strips that are 4 times as wide as you want your finished piece to be. For example, if you want 1/2 inch bias tape, cut strips that are 2 inches wide. The strips will be uneven at the top and bottom — don’t worry, you can cut that off later.
2. Fold the strip lengthwise in half. Finger press this then iron it down so you have a seam across the middle like this.

3. Next you will open it up and fold each half once more to meet in the middle. Finger press each side, folding to meet in the center line you created with your iron earlier. Do one side, then the other this way.

4. Finally, fold your folded sides back together in the center. Fold each on itself, and press with your iron one more time until you have something that looks like a ribbon. If you are making a bunch to use later, improvise a spool by wrapping it around a 4 x 3 inch piece of cardboard and tape the end so it stays perfectly folded.

Cathe Holden from just Something I Made posted this awesome tutorial on how to make your own bias tape (fab pictures, detailed instructions!) If you are looking for more information, definitely check out this post on her blog.  Oh and she also has printable packaging templates for your custom bias tape to keep everything neat and tidy in your sewing studio. Perfection!

See how to make your own bias tape and read the full post here:

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And when it is time to use your custom bias tape, check out this super helpful tip from Heather at The Sewing Loft! The office supply that is a ‘must have’ at your sewing table