How to make a tutu

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We’ve noticed you ladies love making tutus…we do too – and why wouldn’t we? A tutu (especially a handmade tutu) is the perfect expression of girly, frilly, imaginative fun! When you make them yourself, you can size them to fit just about anyone or anything: a baby, a puppy, a table skirt, a husband that loses a bet….

Here are some of our favorite simple tutu-torials. If you are an expert tutu maker, please feel free to share your favorite tutu making tutorials and tips in the comments, if this is your first time making a tutu…get ready to have some fun learning how to make a tutu!

A Layered Tutu

This tutorial shows how to make a beautiful, layered tutu with almost an ombre look depending on the colors you choose. So pretty!

Here is a fantastic tutu tutorial video from silenapo on YouTube – shows the basic technique:




Today I’m going to show you how to make a tutu. Once you learn how to make a tutu yourself, you will never buy an expensive boutique tutu again.

Handmade tutus are very easy to make. They don’t even take a lot of expensive supplies. And when you make tutus yourself, you can fit them to just about any size. This means it is easy to make tutus for any occasion or really anyone and any body shape, including dogs, dolls, and people of all sizes of course.

There are two ways to make a no-sew tutu…one uses ribbon and the other uses elastic for a base.

How to make a tutu – supplies

Several rolls of 6 inch tulle.
To make a slip-on tutu – you will need three-quarter inch to 1 inch elastic cut to waste size.
To make a tie-on tutu – you will need 2-3 inch width ribbon, cut to waste size plus 18 inches to allow for a pretty bow.
You will also need something to wrap your tutu ribbon or elastic around while you work. For the tie on tutu, you can grab a sturdy piece of cardboard and tie it around that. Just be sure to push all the tied tulle pieces together as you go to make sure your tutu has a lot of pretty volume.

How To Make A Tutu (Step 1) – Measure elastic and cut your tulle.

First cut all of your tulle pieces to the same length. The length you choose should be determined by the length you want for the tutu. Simply double it and add 3 inches to get the length.
You’ll need about 200 yards of tulle total lengthwise to complete your tutu project. Once you have figured out the length for your tutu, begin cutting strips of tulle.
This will save you the hassle of trying to cut well you are busy tying.

Before you begin to tie, measure the length of the waist minus one or two inches and make a mark on each side. This will make it easier to know where to start and stop your tulle.

How To Make A Tutu (Step 2) – Tie your tulle pieces.

Begin adding tulle to the middle of your ribbon or elastic, attaching it to the ribbon or elastic using a slipknot. Be sure that when tying, the ends of your total pieces meet at the top and bottom so the tulle skirt will be a uniform length.
Continue tying all of your total pieces that way until you have completed the length of the waist.(from mark to mark you made earlier.)
Keep pushing all the tied tulle together. This will make sure your tutu is nice and full.

How To Make A Tutu (Step 3) – Secure and finish up.

For the ribbon, you might want to secure the last tied tulle pieces on the skirt to make sure they don’t slide off when played with by rambunctious little ones.

To finish off the elastic-based tutu, just sew the ends together – one overlapping the other.
To make a tutu for a doll, follow the same instructions but use a smaller, thinner piece of elastic. You can also use thinner pieces of tulle for tiny doll tutus.

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