How To Make A Pattern

How to Make A Pattern - 3 Ways
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How to make pattern with paper.
Learn draping tracing and rub-off methods of making patterns. #sewing #diy #crafts

Did you ever wonder how to make a pattern? The answer is: there are many ways to make sewing patterns. Here are the most common ways of making patterns:

Method #1 – Draping

This method of making a pattern is really more like just fitting fabric around what you plan to sew, and simply pinning it how you want it to lay. It is a great if you have a dress form (people get wiggly when they have to stand somewhere for hours and it is nearly impossible with kids!) and have lots and lots of pins. You simple pin the fabric to the form, put in a lot of pins, and cut the fabric allowing for at least a 3/4 inch seam for the body and at least 3 inches for the bottom hem.

Method #2 – Tracing

Making a pattern with the tracing method requires very accurate measurements and a very good understanding of basic garment construction. It is helpful if you have a general idea of what a piece should look like…for example the common shape for an arm hole or piece of a sphere shape

Method #3 – Rub-On

This method is a bit more complicated to explain than the others, but is the preferred method when you want to know how to make a patterns with lots of curves. For Instructions on this and really awesome information about making patterns in general, Check out this detailed Sewing Pattern Tutorial

To learn more about how to digitize your hand-drawn patterns, Check out this tutorial:

How to digitize your patterns and artwork

And if you are serious about learning how to make patterns, definitely check out this class:

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