The DIY Headboard Tutorial You’ve Been Searching For!

The BEST DIY headboard tutorial!
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To save money and get the perfect fabric, I LOVE to make a DIY headboard for a bedroom. This tutorial shows how to make a padded DIY headboard, but there are lots of other styles you can make, too: Headboard Ideas.)

DIY headboards like this one are surprisingly EASY to build, and definitely lovely to own! Here is EXACTLY how I made mine:

Make A DIY Headboard! The BEST easy DIY headboard tutorial to make one of quality.
This is the headboard I made…we have had it for a few years now and think it suits us perfectly! In this tutorial you will learn how to make a headboard for cheap!

Step 1: Build the frame

I  started with the “width” measurement of the bed which was approximately 54 inches. The height can be whatever you would like — I chose to make mine about a yard higher than the top of my mattress…the same height as a standard piece of foam.

My frame was built using 5 2 x4’s of varying lengths:

  • Two for the height from the floor to the top of my headboard
  • Two for the width minus 2 inches, and
  • One to brace the center…two inches shorter than the height from the bottom horizontal piece to the top one.

small wooden dowel pins, wood glue, a drill with a pre measured tape line to control depth and a small template I made for drilling holes (so they would all be the same.)

Step 2: Attach the padding to the frame

Next I got my foam which was a 4-5 inch thick foam, and cut it to the size of the frame.  Then I used spray adhesive to carefully to attach the foam to the frame. Easy!

Step 3: Measure the fabric and sew a slipcover

After attaching the foam, I upholstered a cotton duck fabric from front to back with heavy duty staples and a hand staple gun.

I found an upholstery grade fabric I loved at Hancock Fabrics for the slipcover and got a few yards of it plus some cotton cording so I could give dimension to the seams. I cut three pieces…2 narrow side pieces and one long, wide piece of fabric to cover the front, top, and back of the headboard. I wrapped fabric over the cotton cording and sewed it to the edge of the long, wide piece of fabric. Then I machine stitched the side pieces and sewed a 3/4 inch hem around the bottom to it would slip over the headboard like a dress.

My finished DIY headboard is exactly what I wanted and had been a very useful and cute addition to my bedroom. It also cost me about a third of what it would have to buy a new headboard as nice in the store!