Easy Way To Hang Temporary Decorations (Even Curtains!)

This is a tip that makes holiday decorating a lot more fun…don’t nail or tape decorations to your walls, use these temporary hangers instead!

I had a baby shower recently for my Sister-In-Law and made TONS of decorations. We transformed the whole downstairs into baby party central! I used 3M Damage Free Hangers, Hooks, and Strips to hang just about everything…tissue paper flowers, banners, and even a curtain rod to hang a curtain behind the dessert table!

(P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post – I am crazy about these things! Lol)

They make these hooks in varying strengths, so just look for ones that are big enough to hold whatever you hang.

For example, the curtain was hung with 2, 4 pound hangers to hold up a curtain rod. It was really easy!

To hang things flush against the wall like the giant tissue paper flowers, I just used the small strips that come in a package of twenty.

To remove the strips from the wall, use one hand to press the strip against the wall and pull down, not out, on the tab at the bottom.

You can decorate everything in sight for a party or holiday. You can take it all down without even a hint there were ever there! 🙂IMG_2826.JPGIMG_2796.JPG



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