DIY Planner Hack: Cover Quick Change!

One of the biggest differences  between that gorgeous $50 Erin Condren planner and the $8 Plan Ahead planner is the cute factor. And it all starts with the cover!

The best expensive planners have super cute, laminated covers with modern designs. The cheap planners have functional but icky plastic covers. Luckily, WE are crafty and WE can totally fix that!

Here is how to give your cheap planner a makeover so it looks more like the fancy planners that cost the big bucks! (And more importantly, so it looks pretty and makes you happy.) After all, you are going to be using it every day, right!? 🙂

Craft Supplies:

  • a craft punch with punch head that is 1/8 inch or a little bigger
  • heavy scrapbook paper or decorative card stock. You can also  grab these free printable  covers here:
  • self laminating sheets
  • scissors

How to change your planner cover:

Remove the existing cover without destroying it or the rings. Do this by making little cuts at the back of the punched holes, beside the rings, like this:

How To Remove The Cover Of Your Planner

Remove the cover, and set aside. You will need it later to measure.

How to remove and replace the cover of a planner or agenda without ruining it.

Place the old cover on the decorative card stock you have chosen for your new cover. Then trace around it and cut it out.

How to remove and replace a planner cover without messing it up!

Carefully place your new cover on to the self-laminating sheet and follow the instructions of the laminating sheet you have chosen.

Laminate your new planner cover.

Press around the edge to make sure there is a good, uniform seal. Then cut any excess laminating sheet away, leaving about 1/4 inch seal all around. Round the corners if desired.

How to laminate a cover for a planner

Place the old cover on top of your new cover and position it to the left side. Use a craft hole punch to punch holes through the existing holes. You can also use a pencil and mark the area where you need to punch instead.

How To Position Your Cover To Punch Holes In Your New Planner Cover

Now create little cuts into the holes so you can slip your new cover back onto the planner.


Hole by hole, pop your new cover on as shown below and plan away! 🙂 Make a bunch of covers to match your mood or the season…they can be changed so easily, you can really have some fun with it!