Handmade Chocolate Lollipops

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When I first moved to North Carolina, I worked in a bakery owned by a young lady who had studied at a top culinary school. She knew a lot of cool tricks, which made a job that started at 6am seem like a lot more fun for me. One day she made a chocolate design to go on top of a cake. I couldn’t take my eyes off the process! I’ve modified it somewhat to make it easier ( I use parchment and baggies, she used cling wrap and proper piping bags,) but the basic idea is the same. You are tracing an image in reverse using chocolate.

What you will need:make-chocolate-lollipops_0015_DSCF8208

Wilton Chocolate Melts in at least two colors

Sandwich bags

parchment paper

a cookie tray and a freezer (optional, but these make your life easier.)

a reversed design to trace. (This tutorial shows the design not reversed, but make sure you reverse yours before you start!)

lollipop sticks and treat or pop bags for packaging. (Wilton makes these as well)

How to craft the chocolate lollipops:

First, take your reversed design and fold parchment paper over it. Tape this to the back of a cookie tray.
Now melt your chocolate using the instructions on the back of the chocolate bag. (Wilton melts can be melted in the microwave. Cool, right!?)

It shouldn’t bee very hot – I don’t think mine ever got about 110 degrees F.


Spoon your melted chocolate into a piping bag or sandwich bag, taking care to spoon it to fill one of the corners.


Flatten the chocolate towards the corner and remove any air from the baggie. Then zip it up. Now pinch the corner, and snip off the end as shown.


Now carefully trace the image under your parchment paper using one color of chocolate. Start with anything that will be on top of the finished lollipop (like text for example.) At this point, put it in the freezer for a few minutes until the design is completely set and starting to release from the parchment. Keep in mind you are making two discs that will form each side of your chocolate lollipop.


Now start filling in the open space with the other color of chocolate. Float it in around the sides of your text. Draw the outer border, then fill in the rest. Warmer chocolate tends to float in better, while cooler chocolate will create a lacy design. Both are perfectly pretty.



Now place your lollipop sticks and let your whole design set for a while. You can pop it in the freezer again now if you are impatient like me! hee hee


Drizzle a lot of chocolate over them. Then take one of the other disks you made and apply, design side up, to the warm chocolate. Once these are fully set, put them in a treat bag (like a clear Wilton pop bag) and tie a pretty ribbon where the chocolate meets the stick to seal.


And a little treat for you too while the chocolate is still warm. Put a few Double Stuff Oreos on your extra lollipop sticks, dip in chocolate to fully cover the cookie, then place on parchment paper until the chocolate sets. SO good!