Sew A Halloween Hand Towel


This is a fun and easy Halloween sewing project that uses scraps of halloween patterned fabric, a blank white hand towel, and sticky backed fusible web to create an adorable addition to your Halloween decor!

What you will need:

Halloween Hand Towel_0006_DSCF7268
An iron
Sewing notions (pins, thread, etc.)
Plain terry cloth hand towel
Selected fat quarters or fabric cuts
Free applique template
Steam a Seam Sticky Back Fusible Web
1. Print the free template (here)

Halloween Hand Towel_0005_DSCF7271

Cut out the template pieces and set aside.

Iron the Steam-A-Seam fusible web to the back of your fabric. You will notice there is a paper side…this should be up and is the side that your iron touches at this point. The ‘web’ side should touch the fabric so it will fuse when ironed.

Halloween Hand Towel_0004_DSCF7273

Once your Steam-a-Seam (with the paper backing still on!) is ironed on to the backside of your fabric, trace the pieces of the template onto the paper side of your fabric.

Halloween Hand Towel_0003_DSCF7274
Carefully cut out your pieces.  I find I have an easier time piecing them together if I lay them out back in their spots as each piece is cut.Halloween Hand Towel_0000_DSCF7281
Piece together your pieces and place onto the hand towel.

Once you are happy with their placement, remove the paper backing on each piece and iron on to your towel. The Steam-a-Seam creates a fabulous permanent bond. Now use a zig zag stitch or straight stitch to sew around all of the pieces.

Sew it! make this cute Halloween applique towel with a free pattern!

I have included both the pumpkin shapes and “Boo!” letters in the free template so you can use either or both in your design. In the towel pictured, I also used the Steam-a-Seam to attach a fabric border to the bottom. Just cut it to the same size as the flat part that comes on most hand towels. You can add any fabric or ribbon just like this or anything you would like.