Secrets Revealed! How I Grew My Facebook Page To Nearly Half A Million Followers (And you Can Too.)

People always suggest you should write what you know. And even better, write about the thing most people ask you about because THAT is what you are an expert in.

Funny thing is, the #1 thing I am asked is “How do I get my posts seen on Facebook” the #2 thing is, “How do I gain followers on Facebook?”

Facebook is a top source of traffic for this blog and is where a lot of my favorite and most loyal fans and customers saw me first. It is the marketing platform I spend the most time thinking about and interacting with. And yeah…having grown my page to nearly half a million fans, I would say I am an expert at getting my posts seen and managing a community on Facebook.

You know I love to share what I know, and this info is no exception. So if you have a Facebook page and are struggling to get your posts seen, Please stop what you are doing and CHECK. THIS. OUT.

I wrote an article for CreativeLive outlining seven of my best tips for getting posts seen on Facebook. I also created a printable planner that is based on the one I use every day to plan my own Facebook posts.

So if you are sick and tired of not getting your posts seen on your Facebook page, frustrated with your reach, or just need all around help with your Facebook page, Here are seven amazing strategies to FIX your mojo! Plus get the printable Facebook post planner FREE.

Frustrated that no one sees your posts on Facebook? You are not alone. I have written 7 proven tips to getting maximum organic reach on Facebook - the ones I use everyday on my page with half a million fans. Plus there is a free printable planner you can download to help with strategic posting.

Check out the full article with some of my best tips here:

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