24 Glass Bottle Crafts You Can Make

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You have tons of glass bottles and jars from pasta sauce, wine, beer, etc. Get inspired to make something with them! Here are 24 craft ideas you can make using glass bottles and jars.
DIY Glasses From Your Child’s Drawings


Quick Craft: Faux Milk Glass & Paint Chip Art – This Sarah Loves
Turn bottle right side up, wipe excess paint off the bottle mouth & let it dry. {I probably wouldn’t put water in this vase & the paint is definitely not dishwasher safe!} Milk Glass Bottle with Craft Paint Since I don’t have any other ……
(image credit : http://thissarahloves.wordpress.com/)
Today i’m getting crafty and sharing a DIY stencil tutorial you can use to label glass bottles, thanks to a little inspiration from Martha Stewart Crafts! i grew up in a house where cooking oil meant that giant plastic vat of canola in ……


(image credit : http://imaginegnats.blogspot.com/)


How to Make a Drinking Glass From a Bottle – Craft Ideas Weekly
The artwork on beer bottles, liquor bottles, even craft soda bottles is really cool. Lot of people have been turning these into drinking glasses for years. The makers of the C & C Bottle Cutter did this awesome tutorial on how to use their nifty product to cut pretty much any kind of bottle to make vases, glasses, and even light fixtures ……
(image credit : http://www.craftideasweekly.com/)

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