Easy Friendship Bracelets DIY

In this friendship bracelets DIY tutorial, I outline step-by-step instructions on how to make a friendship bracelet. We will make a simple braided hemp bracelet like the simple braided bracelet designs from Pura Vida. This bracelet pattern is the easiest to make. They are so cute and make great DIY gifts for friends!

This is an easy friendship bracelet pattern for beginners to make. It is inexpensive and you can stack a bunch of them for a pretty, bohemian/beachy look! You can make this super simple friendship bracelet in just about 5 minutes. For another cute and easy friend gift, check out our bath bomb tutorial here.

LOVE this! This EASY friendship bracelets DIY shows how to make this braided pattern (Like Pura Vida bracelets) in about 5 minutes. Such a cute and cheap DIY gift for friends!

Friendship Bracelets DIY Supplies:

  • Natural Hemp Cord Size #20 – I Used Cousin D.I.Y. Natural Hemp Cord which has 30 ft of cord in 4 Different coordinating colors.
  • Small Charms – I selected cute, beachy charms. These were also from Cousin D.I.Y.

In total, I spent about 8 dollars and with that, I can make 10 of these pretty bracelets – what a perfect gift idea for a group of friends!

SO CUTE! This EASY friendship bracelets DIY shows how to make this super simple pattern in about 5 minutes. Such a cute and cheap DIY gift for friends!

How To Make A Friendship Bracelet (Easiest Pattern!)

Step 1: Cut Hemp Cord

For a one or two color bracelet pattern like this, you will cut two pieces of hemp.

  1. Piece one should measure about 18 inches.
  2. Piece two should measure about 36 inches.

Step 2: Secure Bracelet To A Chair or Drawer Pull

Loop the longer piece of hemp cord around something. I use my kitchen drawer pulls which look like metal bars and just sit on the floor, but you can also find a chair back or stair spindle to secure your project to. Don’t worry – you won’t damage it in the process of making these – they are cut off at the top loop when you are done!

You can also tape your project to a table or binder/notebook like we used to do it when I was a kid, but to be honest, this never worked very well and was frustrating when it comes out of the tape. I prefer securing the project to something that won’t move.

Once you have looped the long piece evenly around something secure, take the short piece and place it between the other pieces. Leaving about four inches of room from the top, tie a knot.

Step 3: Begin Braiding the Hemp Cord

Starting at your knot, create a simple braid by wrapping the cord over the center one, alternating sides. (Didn’t I tell you this friendship bracelets pattern was easy to make? It’s just a basic braid like you would do for your hair. How easy is that!?) Simple but beautiful!

Keep your braid pretty tight and even – a loose or messy braid will give a different look. Continue this step until you have about 7 inches of braid. Knot this off.

Step 4: Add A Charm

To add a charm to your friendship bracelet, lace it onto the center cord just after the knot. Leaving just a little bit of space so the charm will move naturally when the bracelet is worn, make another knot to secure the charm in place.

Step 5: Cut and Finish

Carefully cut the bracelet off of the thing you secured it on. Try to cut right in the top-center of the long piece of cord so your tails will be even. measure from the bottom knot and cut at four inches so the bracelet will be even.

To wear, tie the bracelet loosely onto the arm and knot it. You can also add a clasp, but typically friendship bracelets are put on with a knot.

Love this Friendship Bracelet DIY! What a cute but cheap gift idea for friends - looks just like the braided Pura Vida bracelets but it's DIY!