Free Reindeer Antlers Pattern

Remember my first appearance on My Carolina Today last year?
I had the BEST time showing the hosts how to get creative with their holiday hoodies.
We pulled out all the stops: we had glitter, stencils, sequins, puffy paint, feathers and bells, but best of all, we had hoodies with reindeer ears!
(I made a pattern and added them to the blank hoodies right before the show!)
Being a mom to a brand new baby plus two other kids, I didn’t quite have time to share this pattern with you in time for last Christmas. And that is why I am especially excited but it’s almost Christmas time again so we can get on with our Christmas crafting!
Please enjoy this free pattern that let’s you add reindeer “ears” to anything you might wear on your head. The pattern is designed to be sewn around the whole thing except the bottom, turned inside out, stuffed, then attached with hot glue or fabric glue by the little “tabs” left on the bottom. This means you can add them to things that may not be so easy to sew AND they will stand up!
Try adding these reindeer antlers to knit hats, headbands, hoodies, or even baseball caps. So fun!!

get the free reindeer antler pattern here

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