Free Brilliant Grocery List Printable

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Paper bag full of groceries isolated on white

Every time I walk into a supermarket, I have every intention of just going and grabbing whatever chicken scratch we have on the list. But then something else happens.

“Ooh! Cookies!” (I never actually put these on the list and somehow they ALWAYS end up coming home with me anyway.)

“My husband loves these random chips that are on sale. I’ll get two!”

“Yes. This sparkly nail polish IS just the thing I came in here looking for!”

Especially if you have to bring the kids to the grocery store, it is easy to get sidetracked and forget what you needed in the first place. This makes for incomplete shopping trips and often, lots of running back and forth around the store which is exhausting.

If you find it difficult to follow your actual grocery list like I do, Anna from My Life and Kids has a solution to your problem!

She has put together this free grocery list printable that has spaces to write things down in categories. Hello? Brilliant!! This means you go to the store armed with an organized, categorized list. You can easily get all the stuff from one section all at once. Just print it and put it on the fridge. Write stuff as you run out of it in its category. Easy!

Less distraction. Less stress. Maybe less cookies? Well, maybe not. 🙂


To get this excellent printable, click below:

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(image credit: My Life And Kids)