Perfect Fleece Cowl Neck Gator Scarf Pattern

It’s so good to have the skills and confidence to make things…you can customize something to solve your own problem! That’s exactly what this project was for me and I hope those of you with the same issue as I have find this helpful. Read my story here.

Here’s how to make the perfect little fleece scarf. These are great to warm your face, nose and airway on a cold Winter day. They are also a satisfyingly easy sewing project.
What You’ll Need:
Half a yard of fleece material.
A sewing machine and/or a needle and thread that matches the fabric
Scissors and measuring tape

Here’s How To Make It:
First figure out which direction of your fleece fabric is the stretchiest.  You will want it to stretch a little from left to  right for a comfortable fit. Also pay attention to the direction of the pattern so you don’t end up with a pattern going in a weird direction.
Cut a section of fabric measuring 24 inches wide by 18 inches long.
(I folded it in the picture and measured 12 inches from the fold. Hey, if it’s easier, do it!!)

Fold the fabric pretty sides together, and stitch a 3/4 inch seam all the way up as shown.
Turn your fabric inwards on itself so you can see the seams meet up like this.
Flatten the seams and sew the edges together all the way around leaving a 1 to 2 inch gap that is still open. This is where you will turn the fabric inside out and your seams will become almost invisible like magic.
Using that little gap you left, turn the whole thing inside out and stitch up the seam when you are done. pUt1JpqTEE2MZndWq8tTSgeAocKCfezqbHnqNFwnia8
If you find this to be too loose or tight, adjust the measurements to fit you and make more. 🙂

Make a bunch of these for easy winter gifts, or enough to keep a couple in the car and one in your purse.
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