3D Aquarium Mug Rug Pattern

3D-Aquarium-Mug-Rug-Pattern---mainOk…I KNOW everyone is thinking holiday right now, but sometimes inspiration hits me. Sometimes it’s super random. Like this project for example.

I thought “How can I create a mug rug that looks 3D and lets a more intermediate sewist play a bit?” Then I walked by my son’s fish tank.

This mug rug pattern is a fun one and made easy by using the Heat N Bond method I talk about here: How To Make a Mug Rug.

Once completed, you will have a fun little mug rug pattern for anyone who loves their fish! And people will be wowed when they see it…it sews up pretty cool, especially if you mix and match unexpected fabric patterns! 🙂

Click here to get the free mug rug pattern >

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